100 Day Inspection Warranty

Mountain Warranty
 Dear Homebuyer,
Congratulations on the
purchase of your new home.
Thank you for hiring an
inspector who includes a 100-
day limited home warranty from
Mountain Warranty Corporation
with their inspection as a valueadded
service. Let the limited
warranty from Mountain
Warranty Corporation bring
peace of mind to the home
buying process.
Mountain Warranty Corporation
Boulder, Colorado
1-(800)-671-4351 general@mountainwarranty.com
For complete details of the limited warranty visit www.mountainwarranty.com
Mountain Warranty Corporation agrees to provide a
payment for the covered costs to repair or replace
the items listed in this warranty as being covered if
any such items fail or become inoperable during the
term of this warranty due to mechanical failure
caused by routine wear and tear, subject to the
terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the
warranty, including
� kitchen appliances,
� roof covering,
� plumbing,
� hot water source,
� electrical,
� garage door opener,
� sump pump,
� jetted bathtub, and
� structure.